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Meet the team...

Nisha Flora

Learning and Development Advisor

Nisha comes from a software testing and training background and has worked in the Sales and Distribution industry. She joined FLEC to help create and maintain digital and online learning resources as well being a face of our Customer Support Team. She also assists with the development and progression of the FLEC product. In her spare time, she loves to learn about British royal history and is currently learning Egyptian history!

Alex Roessler

Account Development Manager

Alex heads up Customer Success and Account Management at FLEC. His role is to support and guide our clients throughout their FLEC journey to ensure they attain the maximum benefit possible. He also plays a role in driving key customer feedback into our business to aid product evolution. Prior to working for FLEC Alex worked in operational recruitment. Outside of work he is an avid NFL fan and supports the Detroit Lions.

Gareth Rafferty

Product Owner, Learning & Development Manager

Gareth comes from a software training background, and has worked in industries such as telecoms, sales and distribution. He joined FLEC to help create digital and online learning materials, and since joining, he has also taken responsibility for managing the continual evolution of the FLEC product as well as our Customer Support team. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports, especially tennis, athletics and football – although he doesn’t support a particular club. He is a huge Doctor Who fan, and really enjoys quizzes and cookery competitions on TV.

James Heath

Business Improvement Specialist

James' role is to help clients use the system to its full potential and gather feedback from users of how we can improve. He has 17 years experience in the logistics sector, working for a leading logistics provider and within the recruitment industry. He has two children and enjoys going away in his caravan.

Justin Farquhar

UX & UI Designer

Justin has over two decades experience in digital design under his belt, and has focussed on UX since 2015. He is responsible for making our products useful, usable and visually appealing. He has been with FLEC since the end of 2020. Outside of work, he keeps fit, learns about ancient history, plays tabletop games, and flies drones, but mostly hangs out with his family and his hyperactive spaniel, Bella.

Ben Ratliff

Director of Product

Ben worked for 20 years in manufacturing and logistics, focussing on technological innovation and positive environmental impact. He travelled extensively with DHL spreading environmental best practice across the Asia Pacific region. Became involved with FLEC in 2018 with a variety of leadership roles in sales, customer success, product and data science. In his spare time he enjoys live music and plays a variety of instruments... badly! He also has a passion for DIY, and taking things apart and putting them back together again.

Chris Farrelly

Senior Developer

Chris is a senior developer and has been working in the computer industry for forty years. Over that time, he has worked in several sectors, including hospitality, insurance, and eCommerce. He has worked for small and large companies, including Microsoft, American Express, and Eagle Star, and running his own companies. When he isn’t working, he likes to play guitar or trying to learn the drums.

Dean Wyatt

Managing Director

Dean came on board as MD in July 2020, after 35 years in the logistics industry where he dealt with providers of contingent/agency workers throughout his career, latterly managing the agency function for DHL UK&I, a wealth of in depth and broad experience with an understanding of what hirers, workers and agencies alike would benefit from with a software solution. In his spare time Dean and his family spend many weekend traveling in their campervan “Vic”, making memories.

Nick Burch

Director of Engineering

Nick oversees the crack team of developers who build the systems that make up the FLEC offering. Encompassing Frontend, Backend, Devops, Mobile, Automation, AI / ML and Integrations, Nick helps the team to help turn an idea on a post-it note into reality.Nick is a strong advocate for Open Source and Open Development, and volunteers for the Apache Software Foundation across a number of projects. When not coding, he enjoys travelling, walking and cycling.

Ryan Barwick

Full Stack Web Developer

Ryan is a full stack web developer with five years in the Oxford startup scene under his belt, he likes solving problems and building things. At FLEC, Ryan works on the TypeScript services, fixing bugs and implementing new features. When he's not at his laptop he can be found in the gym or reading.