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High volume recruitment done smarter.


FLEC is transforming labour recruitment.

Allowing you to deliver better outcomes for your clients and engage with more workers.

Stronger client delivery

  • Greater visibility of clients’ needs
  • Stronger compliance controls
  • Better alignment with clients

More of the right workers

  • Increased pool of quality workers
  • Effective skill and availability matching
  • Easier attraction and better job adverts

Greater cost savings and efficiency

  • Automate recruitment and job allocation
  • Stronger communications
  • Reduce service costs

Workforce Scheduling




HR Management





How it works

1. Hirer schedules workers to meet requirements with perm and temp resources identified

2. Temp resource requirements provided to agency via FLEC platform

3. Agency matches skills and availability with existing FLEC workers and advertises and recruits via FLEC app

4. All worker checks are carried out within FLEC and relevant information shared with hirer

5. Hirer’s work rosters are filled and worker start instructions are shared with worker via FLEC app

6. Work commences

Let FLEC help you take control